August 24th, 2009


Somthing that I have realised

Something that I realised (and replied/commented) when reading an LJFriend's F-locked post the other day:

"I am happy a lot of the time - maybe not joyful but calm and content."

I have always thought that "happy" meant "over the moon and ecstatic". You know, storybook "they lived happily ever after" with music and bluebirds. I have only felt that happy occasionally and only ever for a short period of time and so I used to think that that meant I was rarely happy. While reading that post and reflecting inwards for a few seconds, I realised that I was not feeling UNhappy or depressed but was feeling calm and content and that this might actually mean that I was feeling happy!

I am feeling like that a lot of the time these days. Yes, I get sick and tired of being sick and tired. I get grumpy when in pain but, when not feeling ill or in pain, I am mainly happy, it turns out!

<rhetorical> Does this mean that the meds work and that I am mainly happy these days? </rhetorical>