August 18th, 2009


From Twitter 08-17-2009

  • 01:51:07: @ndixon They do A4? How do you make the yellow card look like white paper?
  • 01:52:29: @tatty73 Sleep when you need to. That is what I have learned to allow myself to do now that I am unable to work. Sleep days, awake nights.
  • 03:51:52: Awake, still, as usual. Knitting, reading the web (loads left to read!) and waiting for painkillers to work vs. back spasms.
  • 04:11:03: Catching up on the Mentalist on DemandFive. I am a few episodes behind. Glad they don't only show last 7 days like iPlayer!
  • 06:24:40: Still not manage to sleep…
  • 15:48:10: @jasonjarrett I post a lot of links but am not a bot, I promise!
  • 15:49:04: @jasonjarrett I remember the MRI scan from my MS diagnosis process. I slept too! ;-p
  • 16:07:10: That's the way to do it (via @jordancats) I love these!
  • 16:14:41: For my writer friends and followers: Cat Waxing and Colour-Coordinated Pens
  • 16:21:46: The Septic's Companion | British Slang Dictionary (was: English to American Dictionary) Useful!
  • 16:24:10: Okay, when cleaning and flossing does not remove the food between teeth, what to do next?
  • 16:25:01: Software sales people that insist you can install Windows Mobile software on an iPhone should be shot! (via @NeilCFord) Shooting's too good!
  • 16:25:17: Has seen teaser, trailer and concept arts for new Blake's7. The Liberator is bloody awesome! (via @ndixon) Wanna see!
  • 16:26:46: Stunning Pic: Royal Naval College, Greenwich - HDR was not used! (via @AmazingPics) Can do that with PS shadows/highlights
  • 16:32:42: @ninthspace Ah good point! Thanks for reminding me! *digs out the TePes* *bemoans MonSter-eaten memory*
  • 16:34:25: @ninthspace Yay that worked! ;-p
  • 16:35:07: @jearle The site is called 'one shot', though…
  • 16:35:28: @jearle Shooting in raw and PS S/H FTW!
  • 16:43:00: @jearle Or, "OneXposure", more accurately.
  • 16:44:15: @jearle (already added you on flickr BTW)
  • 16:45:13: Any day you can walk away from is a good one. (via @matociquala) And if you can't walk?
  • 16:45:43: Going off-twitterverse for a while.
  • 16:49:53: Feeling very blurry. Also more back spasms and pain. Taking painkillers and "painkiller".
  • 18:07:20: Painkillers and "painkiller" are all very well but they do make me sleepy…
  • 18:49:35: @fluffymuppet so those of us that already have your book from are inofficial owners and readers? Publishing indus. confuses me!
  • 18:57:05: MEEEEELTING!!! nap

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"This blog website is intended to support British citizen Gary McKinnon, who is facing "fast track" extradition to the USA (after over five six seven years since his initial arrest !). Gary was indicted by a US court in November 2002, accused of "hacking" into over 90 US Military computer systems from here in the UK. The unjust treatment of British citizens (and others) when facing the might of the US Military "justice" system, which practices detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere, and stands accused of making use of torture by allied regimes ("extraordinary rendition") is an ongoing scandal. It cannot be excused even by a "war on terror". It seems only just that Gary should face any charges in a British court, and to serve any sentence, if he is found guilty, in a British prison."
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Video of another song.

Gary's music from the film Luna Girl.

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P.S. Strictly, Gary is a cracker and not a hacker. He cracked some security and looked for information. He made no changes and did no damage and so is not a hacker.

P.P.S. Yes, I know that many programmers call themselves hackers. Yay terminology confusion!