August 16th, 2009


From Twitter 08-15-2009

  • 04:21:31: @Documentally Not in a cold sweat, but I am awake. Then again I am mostly nocturnal…
  • 09:03:40: I seem to be wide awake, unable to go back to sleep and with gut cramps. 4 hrs sleep > 0 and is often enough, maybe with a nap later. ;)
  • 09:13:29: One more knitter on the plinth (rooknits on Ravelry) Go watch while you have your breakfast. (via @SandBLondon)
  • 12:43:28: Is it possible to be nauseous and have heart burn at the same time? (via @migrainechickie) Definitely possible. Reflux.
  • 12:53:34: @migrainechickie *hugs*
  • 14:23:40: Home again, home again,
    Time for a nap!
  • 14:26:49: @mcglk *hugs*
  • 17:44:35: Wishlist: a way to look down out of my window without having to kneel on my desk. Go Go Gadget Fibre Optics! ;-p
  • 21:28:20: "pocketbook politics" from bunny (@ happymrlocust) - US vs UK healthcare:
  • 21:47:51: "Hi, I'm the internet." Unshelved strip for Saturday, August 15, 2009:
  • 21:52:40: "Knitting Season" by The Knit Princess

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