August 15th, 2009


From Twitter 08-14-2009

  • 04:20:04: Listening to a Tawny Owl.
  • 04:27:05: @LizUK @NeilCFord and this is some value of mobile that still involves pain and weakness. Doc said soft tissue can take up to two years!
  • 04:28:41: @LizUK @NeilCFord although previous injuries from 20+ years ago still often hurt as well. Dangerous sports are dangerous! ;-)
  • 04:33:23: @LizUK R.I.C.E. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. The soft tissue damage mantra. Keep the foot up as much as possible. Time off ideally!
  • 09:53:14: RT @fingertrouble: cutest thing EVER the case of the curious ninja photo squirrel (via @ndixon)
  • 10:01:50: When I woke up from my dream, I was still able to fly! #notafact
  • 10:02:48: Ok , we have something for you that is very cool. Do you wish to know what it is? (via @Steampunk_Tales) Yes!
  • 10:14:09: @wildobs it's a pity that WildObs is only American species. I am in th UK.
  • 10:42:13: @weborguk When I first saw your username, I first parsed it as "We Borg UK". I am betting you meant it as "Web Org UK", though! ;-p
  • 10:45:10: Anyone out there? No, I thought not. (via @MarvinsMoan) I'm here. I guess. Not parking cars, thank goodness. My brain-planet is shrinking.
  • 11:35:13: Sometimes I wish I could run Windows: Check out the Femme Fatale video!
  • 11:54:33: I'm not getting you down at all, am I? (via @MarvinsMoan) No, no lower than I already am…
  • 11:56:18: Doesn't feel like a day for doing anything constructive (via @fluffymuppet) That sounds like all my days feel. Why I get nothing done! ;-p
  • 11:58:16: @Documentally Virtual e-*hugs* (from a non-infectious distance, of course). Hope you feel better soon!
  • 11:59:03: another rework of a legacy shot (via @wildmanrouse) Looks like sunset. Stunning!
  • 12:00:31: - This l'il fella has a broken wing. Now waiting for the RSPCA to arrive and collect him. (via @bertfletcher) Wow!!
  • 12:56:24: Turns up volume on the mac / WoW so as to drown out the dog and the kid down stairs. Contemplates headphones or earplugs.
  • 13:44:34: Wondering what she (kid downstairs) watches on TV/DVD/PC. She must be all of 10 and is yelling, "Die! Die! Die! Die!"
  • 13:45:23: Does having a homicidal developer sitting opposite a suicidal developer equate to a balanced team? (via @JaneFoth) ROFL! ;-p
  • 16:57:42: @wildmanrouse google Gary McKinnon and/or click on this hashtag #freegary
  • 16:59:47: @fluffymuppet Gratz on 85!
  • 17:08:32: Yay, I have finally written a new post on my blog!
    "Difficult Times" (via @tatty73) Awesome post from someone with MS.
  • 17:10:43: I really meant this post but the whole blog is good!
  • 17:13:06: @Hedgewytch Safari can’t open “hthttp://…/hedgewytch/” because Mac OS X doesn’t recognize Internet addresses starting with “hthttp:”.
  • 17:13:34: @Hedgewytch Trying other browsers - that was Safari
  • 17:15:17: @Hedgewytch Blank page in Shiira and an error in OSX Firefox. Was it a flickr link?
  • 17:25:26: @Hedgewytch Ah hah! ;-p

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