August 11th, 2009


From Twitter 08-10-2009

  • 11:07:29: @Hedgewytch That is just how Flickr works I am afraid. They say it is how it is designed. I get around it by showing sets and collections.
  • 11:09:09: Meds and back to bed.
  • 14:20:06: @Hedgewytch Do what?
  • 15:03:20: @ndixon I have just finished listening to Persistent Spirit - and I want more! ;-p
  • 15:06:06: Having difficulty focussing. Double vision seems to have rotated again. :(
  • 15:36:33: Wihlist:
  • 15:47:40: I have just received nine packages in a box from Amazon that I did not order and so can only imagine that they are a birthday present! TY!
  • 15:53:13: Would have expected the gift tags to show who it was from but they just have a binary code in them. I was prewarned though so I know who! :)
  • 15:53:58: Kicking myself for not keeping my amazon wishlist up to date, though. Must do it now!
  • 15:55:49: One of the books received was @fluffymuppet's - Awesome!
  • 15:58:03: The gist wrapping from is pretty cool! I should have taken an unboxing video! ;-p
  • 15:59:31: Unexpected mail/gifts make me smile from ear to ear and are a good form of painkiller, it turns out!
  • 16:06:49: @mcglk THANK YOU!!!!! *hugs*
  • 16:07:14: @Hedgewytch I know but you can turn on showing sets or collections - that is what I meant.
  • 16:25:15: @Hedgewytch You can change the date of the photo if I remember correctly but I am not sure how any more. Photostream is in date order.
  • 16:28:46: For once guts are not being a problem - my eyes and head are instead (vision, pain and vertigo). Ho hum. So it goes.
  • 16:41:42: Pixel is already whining about wanting dinner. Maybe I should eat some breakfast.
  • 17:10:36: Eaten some breakfast and now my body/eyes say, "SLEEP!!!!!" An hour or so, maybe?
  • 19:01:42: @NeilCFord oh no! Where are you & the car? *wakes up*
  • 19:09:04: @NeilCFord Had visions of you stranded at Teaco in the rain.
  • 19:21:28: Feeding the cats.

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