August 10th, 2009


From Twitter 08-09-2009

  • 12:38:42: Upset guts. Nothing new, I suppose. Nothing I ate was out of the ordinary that I can think of. Just MS randomness, I expect.
  • 12:52:51: And vertigo. Bah! Is it any wonder I spend so much tim sitting still at the mac reading, knitting and/or playing? No need to move my head!
  • 12:53:46: Also, of course, melting.
  • 12:56:19: On average, one car a week is accidentally driven into the canals in Amsterdam. (via @qikipedia)
  • 15:26:36: Whitebait is a funny old food. (via @Documentally) mmmmmmm whitebait and sprats! Nom nom nom…
  • 17:41:04: On way home from trip to get ice maker exchanged. Luckily only about 18 miles. *crosses everything that this one works*
  • 18:22:04: @tylluan What a beautiful phoenix you make!
  • 18:24:01: Boris Johnson says Gary McKinnon believes in little green men but it doesn't make him a terrorist #freegary @Tweet4Gary
  • 18:25:15: We now have 2192 supporters please RT and support Thanks x #freegary (via @Tweet4Gary)
  • 18:28:05: @Hedgewytch I even find that peppermint sweets sometimes help. My body may not be best example though. I second recomendation of Colpermin.

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