August 9th, 2009


From Twitter 08-08-2009

  • 09:02:49: So ridiculously tired. Pain can be exhausting. (via @cueballex) indeed. Me too. *hugs*
  • 09:36:09: Create some comfort! (The Knitter and Macmillan Cancer Support)
  • 09:36:59: Brilliant. Call Us if you can: (via @AmazingPics) Clever!
  • 09:44:27: @twittelator Does new version show if a tweet is from a protected / non-public account yet so we know to be careful about retweeting it?
  • 10:12:58: @NeilCFord Oh! You are in Brighton? I thought you were at NRC this morning.
  • 10:28:57: I missed that John Hughes had died. Wikipedia: Youtube tribute:
  • 10:31:48: Support Free Gary McKinnon, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! -
  • 10:34:10: Problem is that Twibbon covered up my puffin's head. Wish I could have the text at the bottom of the avatar.
  • 10:47:31: Trying to create a new Twibbon but the broser is just sitting there with a spinny cursor on the tab bar (Shiira, OSX).
  • 10:49:42: Second time's a charm with the Twibbon.
  • 10:50:15: Support Free Gary McKinnon (lower), add a #twibbon to your avatar now! -
  • 14:13:43: Was SO good to get out of this sauna (otherwise known as a house/flat) and walk around Horsham for a bit.
  • 14:16:20: @Hedgewytch High/low at the same time is usually known as mania, if I remember correctly. I get that a lot too.

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