August 8th, 2009


From Twitter 08-07-2009

  • 10:46:17: Don't suppose anyone's listening? (via @MarvinsMoan) I am Marvin. Just don't talk to me about life...
  • 10:53:51: Splitting headache. Woken by dog barking downstairs at just after 10 am. Bin men at just after 10 yesterday. Painkillers of all types ENGAGE
  • 10:54:23: Phone calls to make though - e.g. to ice machine service department.
  • 10:57:23: Handy Mac tip. Hold down shift + press BACKSPACE, it deletes to the right instead of the left. ... (via @stef) Same as the DELETE key!
  • 10:58:29: Oh no! hope you feel better soon x (via @Hedgewytch) So do I - thanks! Holding out for a cure is pretty impractical, though, sadly... ;-p
  • 11:02:52: Made that phone call but got answerphone.
  • 11:15:09: emailled them as well
  • 11:16:26: @Hedgewytch Thank you - sorry to be so prickly about it...
  • 11:18:55: Why do I support "Free Gary McKinnon"?
    ...I don't believe in extradition to countries with the death penalty. (via @jearle)
  • 11:19:23: Free Gary McKinnon
  • 11:59:35: @Hedgewytch They don't? Mine does. ;-p
  • 12:01:28: @theyarnyard Can't DM you to add me to mailing list if you are not following me :(
  • 12:07:26: New blog post: The icon project (via @ndixon) Loving this! Also, I am pretty behind with Twitter! ;-p
  • 12:09:25: Painkillers finally starting to two hours after waking up.
  • 12:17:29: Didn't notice #whentwitterwasdown - I was AFK and probably asleep. I may have read a book or knitted while watching TV. Twitter ࣔ Life.
  • 12:18:31: @theyarnyard Thank you! ;-p
  • 12:20:01: @Hedgewytch Indeed. Must admit that I forgot about laptops tho. Original tweet used "delete" instead of "backspace" too - inverse!
  • 12:20:53: Going off-Twitter for a while. Painkillers starting to work so may #getstuffdone
  • 13:33:30: Now going back to bed. Did #getstuffdone - some.
  • 18:49:56: Where did the day go? Another non-day it would seem. :/

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