August 6th, 2009

melting, melt

I would love to go on this

Well, on any safari-like tour, especially involving the coast and wildlife. Too bad this is probably already full and WAY too expensive!
Andy Rouse - Galapagos

I would also love to travel more while I still can and see more of the world. I have various wishlists over in the right-hand sidebar of my LJ, the most relevant being my Listography lists.

I am SO not a cheap date!

Radiohead: Harry Patch (In memory of)

Harry Patch (In memory of)
I am the only one that got through
The others died where ever they fell
It was an ambush
They came up from all sides
Give your leaders each a gun and then let them fight it out themselves
I've seen devils coming up from the ground
I've seen hell upon this earth
The next will be chemical but they will never learn

BBC - Today - Radiohead: Harry Patch (In memory of)

I think that this is quite beautiful!

From Twitter 08-05-2009

  • 10:20:20: Short answer: "No"
    Longer Answer: "Seriously, no"
    RT @misund007: Are there Alien UFO bases on The Moon? - ~via @jearle
  • 10:22:22: Gah. I forgot that today is WoW patch day. I hope I don't blow our limit...
  • 10:24:37: I foretell using a LOT of earplugs this summer. New family downstairs. Everyone yells "NO!" at the dog all the time. School holidays? Guh.
  • 10:30:34: Then again, the girl *is* helping her mum quietly in the garden when she is not yelling at dog or "Oh My Gawd!" about new things she sees.
  • 10:32:38: Oh great. NOT. Another talent tree reset for DKs in WoW. I wish I had saved a copy of what I had on my dual specs b4 today!
  • 10:36:42: WoW Patch Notes LOL: "After much quiet contemplation, rogues now possess the ability to learn how to use one-handed axes." Flowery lang FTW!
  • 10:37:59: Some AWESOME changes to shaman's UI, though. May be able to ditch a whole addon! May even level her!
  • 10:38:36: Sorry to all of you who do not play WoW. This must be boring and spammy.
  • 10:47:29: WoW Patch Notes LOL 2: "Mathiel ... has finally earned himself enough money from your repair bills that he was able to buy himself an anvil."
  • 11:03:49: "Patch completed in: 1 hr 24 mins 22 secs" ;-p
  • 11:05:29: all the servers are offline until 3 pm European time though
  • 11:52:16: Going back to bed now Smudge has eaten a goodly amount. She won't eat anything with the Zantac syrup in it, though, and seems OK without it.
  • 13:46:56: Note to self: when trying to nap, turn off Twitter SMS notifications! ;-)
  • 13:52:59: Wondering whether to tempt fate and the gawds of my guts by eating but I am HUNGRY!
  • 13:55:23: @NeilCFord True, but then I would miss potentially important non-Twitter SMSs. Hence why I don't just put iPhone on silent. ;-)
  • 14:30:30: RT @earthXplorer: &#267A; Recycle &#267A; Reuse &#267A; ReTweet &#267A; (via @Hedgewytch) Oh, I do! I do! ;-p
  • 14:38:07: O2 to lose iPhone deal? #iphone #o2 (via @ramtops)
  • 17:34:12: @NeilCFord But you are so good at it! P.S. Smudge is eating like food is going out of fashion and loves the new kibbles.
  • 23:26:56: WTB USB headphones / earbuds that don't make me melt when I am already too hot but that also have a mic á la Skype or similar.
  • 23:28:58: Press release: Potential treatment for neuropathic pain: A study has identified a molecule that co.. (via @mssocietyuk)
  • 23:36:22: Some days you can have too much saxophone. (via @ninthspace) Nevar! (I played alto sax at school - grade V)
  • 23:41:01: Realises that tomorrow is Thursday. Sets alarm clock for 11 am. Last possible moment because I am too hot to sleep tonight. Bank afterwards.
  • 23:41:31: A positive outlook on life can be difficult to find. Researcher says we should look to our genes. (via @kathAVFM) Ugh.
  • 23:42:23: If I need to look to my genes for a positive outlook on life then I have no hope of one. Long stories and many of them. Oh well.
  • 23:45:22: #humiditywatch: 69%, 22 degrees. #grumpmeter: 2/5. (via @petecooper) WTB a weather station thing for my desk that shows humidity & pressure.

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