August 2nd, 2009


From Twitter 08-01-2009

  • 09:09:40: Goodness the intarwebz are slow 2day! Latency in WoW last night was 2000 ms plus for about 15 mins before returning to the usual 40 ms, too!
  • 09:12:39: Clarkson Beatbox.. (via @Hedgewytch) - Like this ;) (via @AmandaFClark) Me too!
  • 09:27:34: @petecooper My mum would love Emma's book! She has a small kitchen garden in her garden and also has an allotment. Her birthday is sorted! ઙ
  • 09:29:06: 'only 5 left in stock' ... means at least 5 have sold - yay! (via @petecooper) Yay! (Emma's book, previously referred to.)

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