July 31st, 2009


From Twitter 07-30-2009

  • 03:00:33: @davedevereux Are you and hubby (@NeilCFord) actually twins or something? ;-)
  • 03:04:42: ...cont) think of that! How... random of them!
  • 03:04:43: Okay, dog breeder followbots need to stop thinking I want their puppies because my last name is Maltese (via @racheline_m) Didn't (cont...
  • 13:23:08: An ocean just started to fall out of the sky. Called a cab.
  • 13:25:57: @davedevereux wasn't there some theory that you were actually the same person until you were seen together? I can see why!
  • 13:28:36: RT @petapixel: High-speed photograph of a bird tweeting: http://bit.ly/1l1Eol (via @AmazingPics) Bird Twitter? &#263A;
  • 17:40:24: Wow! So much for allowing 4 working days after ordering a repeat prescription for delivery! Ordered yesterday at 13:15 and just delivered!!!
  • 17:49:09: Home after an afternoon of counselling and seeing a friend. Useful and fun respectively but now exhausted.

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