July 28th, 2009


From Twitter 07-27-2009

  • 05:09:13: Thank you Smudge. I needed to be woken up at 4 am when my alarm was set for 11. Obviously. Hitting painkillers early though so not all bad.
  • 05:10:28: Torchwood fandom just jumped the shark: ... Torchwood/Twilight crossover fic. SO WRONG. (via @racheline_m) Ewwww!
  • 05:12:21: @Hedgewytch *hugs*
  • 06:33:07: I wonder if, if I tried to go back to bed having now taken painkillers and waited for them to kick in, the cats would let me sleep?
  • 11:38:50: Once again, @paul_cornell is made of awesome: http://bit.ly/SPb3E (via @racheline_m) There is no DW/TW canon (spoon)! ;-p
  • 11:40:10: @Hedgewytch Just waking up again. DEAD. Attempting meds and iced minty green tea as remedies for death and pain and so on. I'll be OK ty ;-p
  • 12:21:48: In search of food for breakfast. Out of a lot of staples. Will {wosserword}. Ah yes, improvise. I will improvise.
  • 12:36:37: Brunch duly improvised an laundr hung up.
  • 12:43:25: How to lengthen a knit garment. Worthwhile. http://ow.ly/ibUe (via @knittingnews) Just what I needed! How to shorten, however?
  • 12:44:05: Shortening is here! http://bit.ly/11ZgAk
  • 12:50:35: see good legal advice 4 photographers re photographing including on private property download PDF here http://bit.ly/OsyEo via @AmandaFClark
  • 12:51:31: @Hedgewytch Twitter would be more boring without you m'dear!
  • 13:02:08: Oops - mail app (Mailplane) was not running! *facepalm*
  • 14:33:27: Showered and dressed. Almost human.
  • 20:19:10: Massa's crash explained (UK users only I am afraid): http://bit.ly/18YbDy
  • 23:28:42: @regularjen Intrigued about this Plan A and Plan B stuff!
  • 23:37:22: PLEASE RT! 5 year old Rhys Moorhead has gone missing in UK call 01642 303126 if you know anything. http://stnx.at/a0ep (via @NeilCFord)
  • 23:38:04: except he has been found
  • 23:41:35: I just took "This is some random quiz" and got: No I didn't! PLEASE don't try it: (URL removed)
  • 23:45:28: @Hedgewytch Now, why did I read "big butch blonde suede" as a large, pale coloured chamois leather cloth?
  • 23:48:08: @Documentally re. Cranial Osteopathy, from what I read it is medically provento be new age crack-pot weirdness.
  • 23:49:38: @Documentally Also said to be pretty dangerous. Would cite sources if I had bothered to re-research right now but I haven't. Now for spam...
  • 23:50:08: @Hedgewytch Not too bad thanks!

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