July 27th, 2009


From Twitter 07-26-2009

  • 01:19:05: Aaaaaaaand now I am wide awake again. I hate my body/CNS/MonSter.
  • 01:23:49: Good grief. Wordcount for today: 6,278. Wrists are not pleased. (via @NorwichGrrl) Wow! I bet they're not!
  • 01:25:08: @tallin32 That babysitter person seems worth keeping, if he lets you!
  • 01:30:37: I have two clingy "where's Daddy?" cats on my hands whenever I am awake and they are. Both have demanded full on smush-cuddles. Prrrrrrrrrrr
  • 02:00:40: @tallin32 Awesome! I am so pleased.
  • 12:04:10: Half dead, feeling cr@p on two stints of two hours sleep overnight and going back to bed. Second stint I barely slept coz Smudge wanted food
  • 12:05:30: @JaneFoth Chichester is an awesome place, though...
  • 12:07:48: I have, however, knitted and vacuumed the bathroom today.
  • 16:46:27: Awake, sneezing and melting. Was asleep when mum texted me to say she was outside but she did not ring the doorbell or use her key. Oh well.
  • 17:01:52: @AmandaFClark Thanks. This is just same old same old, though.
  • 17:59:49: Furniture that requires the simultaneous application of more than two hands to build it shouldn't really be called self-assembly.@ninthspace
  • 18:02:30: Too hot brain not functioning anymore ;( (via @Hedgewytch) I get that. My brain seems to always be too hot, though. Sometimes even hotter. ੏
  • 18:03:55: I support the Yarn Harlot #yarnharlot (via @theyarnyard) So do I!
  • 18:08:10: Mum popped over while I fed the cats. Was good to see her.
  • 18:24:58: I love the sea. I must live by the sea... (via @regularjen) My ambition also.

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There is no "Canon" (spoon?) in DW/TW

Mainly for my own reference but also maybe of interest to some of you out there, a few links to blog posts, some by the shows' writers:

Teatime Brutality: Canon and Sheep Shit: Why We Fight.

Paul Gadzikowski: Watson's war wounds and wives

PaulCornell.com: Canonicity in Doctor Who

DW = Doctor Who. TW = Torchwood.

*steps back from ensuing canon evangelist vs. timey-wimey proponent flame wars*

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