July 26th, 2009


From Twitter 07-25-2009

  • 10:59:58: I'm going to a vet rather than a doctor. They can tell what's wrong without asking & don't prescribe paracetamol for everything. (@GeneHunt)
  • 11:00:48: Saw a woman driving while knitting "Pull over" I shouted "No" she replied "It's a scarf". (via @GeneHunt)
  • 12:27:19: To err is human. To arrrrrrrrr is pirate. To Ur is Sumerian. (via @davedevereux) Indeed! ;-p
  • 12:49:45: @Hedgewytch Dalek!
  • 12:54:13: Tron 2.0 teaser trailer in HD: http://bit.ly/3nHvXi (via @sbisson) Woah - looks great! CGI people like the Final Fantasy film?
  • 12:59:04: Ah no, just CGI-ised.
  • 13:09:24: How can there be a @RealMrDarcy ? Isn't he fictional? (via @GeneHunt) Irony, much? LOL!
  • 13:24:46: Feeling blah after meds and breakfast. Had hoped to play a lot of WoW (heroics and dailies) with Neil away but am going back to bed instead.
  • 15:46:57: @Documentally Sinew? You cutting up a body? ;-p
  • 15:49:19: Just waiting for Angela Merkel to arrive and then we can begin. http://twitpic.com/bk931 (via @stephenfry) Looking good sah!
  • 15:51:39: @Documentally Do you have the Charlie Dimmock Diploma of Safe Chainsaw Use? http://twitvid.com/1DCC6
  • 15:55:16: @Hedgewytch You hoover? We have a huge flat that never gets Dysovacuumed and two cats. Our tumbleweeds and dustbunnies are made of cat hair!
  • 15:56:46: Amazing macro of a bee in flight covered in pollen: http://bit.ly/nynbB (via @AmazingPics) Woah - indeed! (not mine)
  • 16:09:45: Don't swear if you need to call 911 in MI: http://is.gd/1M5Nk - and Amanda shows how it's done: http://is.gd/1M5uD (via @perlmonger) This. ੩
  • 16:10:20: @perlmonger Do you know if http://naamah-darling.livejournal.com/ is on Twitter?
  • 16:11:48: "They don't have the appreciation of life as we do in our society" US Congressman Paul Broun, re: healthcare in Canada & UK. via @YarnHarlot
  • 22:20:25: Feeling blah. Going to bed. Yes, yes I am getting old. All I want for my future birthdays and xmases is a cleaner. & yarn & toys of course!
  • 22:25:55: @perlmonger I already read her on LJ. When I read LJ.

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