July 24th, 2009


From Twitter 07-23-2009

  • 09:12:45: Female sexual dysfunction in MS is estimated to be as high as 80 per cent http://www.bit.ly/17snD (via @kathAVFM) Sad but likely to be true.
  • 09:48:19: amusing search referrer typos #437: "buttget car rental" (via @petecooper) NTS do not drink water and read @petecooper! ROFL *splorf*
  • 10:21:26: My other life - in WoW: http://natalief.livejournal.com/1271530.html
  • 11:52:57: @natalief oh, i like 'splorf' - i'll be stealing that :) (via @petecooper) Not mine originally, I am sure! Feel free! ;-p
  • 11:55:21: Breakfasted, medicated, showered and dressed. Now I am exhausted (only had 4 hours sleep). Resorting to green tea.
  • 12:04:26: This is not good. I cannot keep my eyes open. Please Mr. GreenTeaWithMint, fix my lack of alert!
  • 12:05:54: If I don't wake up soon I am not going to be able to risk the bus and the walk - or even a taxi - and will not be awake enough to talk!
  • 12:10:41: Aaaaaand now, despite painkillers killing foot pain, the weather-head / migraine kicks in. Gonna have to cancel. BAH!
  • 12:47:28: @NeilCFord @Hedgewytch Thanks both of you. I should be used to this by now, shouldn't I!
  • 12:49:01: Just saw a red balloon float by with somthing tied to it. Thinking abo ... http://twitpic.com/bbap1 (via @Documentally) Can't see it! My eyes!
  • 12:51:21: @ninthspace re. paper invoices rather than email - they are tree-killers!
  • 13:36:59: Just been in Sainsburys and the very bored woman at the checkout asked me if I needed packing help. I had 2 items. via @wildmanrouse on auto
  • 13:43:49: MedNewsToday: Advances In Lab-Grown Motor Nerves Can Lead To Cures For Diabetic Neuropathy And Help.. http://bit.ly/cVgJV (via @LisaEmrich)
  • 13:51:39: Aaaaaaand rain.
  • 17:14:41: @Hedgewytch You said, "Send it my way x" Send what your way?
  • 17:21:39: Delighted to report that Diana Wynne Jones has returned home from hospital this afternoon. Hoorah! (via @davedevereux) Awesome! *hopes*
  • 17:25:09: RT Debate When shd u grow up? 30?40?50? http://bit.ly/idpej (via @106jackfm) - bah! never lol (via @Hedgewytch) When I was diagnosed @ 30.

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