July 23rd, 2009


From Twitter 07-22-2009

  • 03:08:46: @dennismons um, media marketing? Me? I think not!
  • 03:10:15: You just gotta love @Natalief. On the one hand she's a sweet girl, on the other a media marketing spammer-thing ;) (via @dennismons) SPAM! ੏
  • 03:12:02: Fatigue causes problems concentrating,loss of sex drive, difficulty sleeping and bein upset easily http://bit.ly/v6MdA (via @kathAVFM)
  • 10:42:42: NTS: Do not try to fix the curtain that has fallen off the rail until the painkillers have kicked in. Kneeling on the desk HURTS.
  • 11:11:00: Sam Raimi to direct World Of Warcraft movie http://bit.ly/1agYYD (via @georgiawonder) (via @Hedgewytch)
  • 11:14:37: RT @OzMS Global: I have multiple sclerosis and i wont miss a thing!:Author: m.. ... Read More: http://is.gd/1Hryr
  • 18:36:46: Feeling ugh, blur, down and flat. Hoping to feel more human and capable by 20:00. Not holding my breath though.
  • 18:37:24: @mulene Apparently!
  • 18:44:21: Melting and broken.

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