July 17th, 2009


From Twitter 07-16-2009

  • 11:44:55: New moos :) http://twitpic.com/aix7z (via @ndixon) Lovely! Has it arrived, BTW?
  • 13:33:48: At counesling via colpermin, painkillers, ice, bus and crutches. Early is better than late and at least I made it!
  • 13:44:43: Forgot to take hayfever meds though so am sneezing up a storm! May call cab to go home if I have enough cash. Owe some here. Hope have it!
  • 13:46:16: Days like today I wonder if double vision would preclude me using a buggy on the pavement one day like it does driving a car on the roads. ?
  • 13:48:55: Only have a £20. Wonder how much a cab would be. Wish I had a cheque book these days. I owe more than £20 here!
  • 13:53:20: Booked cab home. They say about £5 £6 so will just have to pay for this week only here (£10). I'll find out how much I owe & bring next wk.
  • 17:44:19: Cab came to £5.20 and got me home by 15:05. I apparently do not owe anything at counseling. Double result! Exhausted -> nap. Again. More.

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