July 15th, 2009


From Twitter 07-14-2009

  • 04:18:40: Just watched TW:CoE Day1 again on iPlayer. It is still an awesome episode. The first 3.75 were amazing. It all was TBH #torchwood #torchweek
  • 04:20:59: Off to bed, again, now. All WoWed, read, knitted, demandfived and iPlayed out for now. Busy day albeit sedentary. Bloody IBS is flaring tho.
  • 11:11:30: Awake now. Had planned to sleep longer but my phone rang and they left a voicemail so it kept beeping until I woke enough to deal with it.
  • 11:13:42: @twittelator does not forget where I was reading in my stream between running times. Why can't one of the mac apps like @tweetie remember 2?
  • 11:37:21: Cab booked for my GP appointment this afternoon. Hope I feel well enough by then!
  • 11:38:00: Can haz internetz :) Can haz IP phone :) Can do work :( (via @NeilCFord) Yay! Yay! Booooooo! ;-p *hug*
  • 12:01:27: This will be an event long awaited (by so many of us in the UK) and a 3-days-early birthday present (for me)! http://bit.ly/1SGay
  • 18:14:27: photos brushed with air to make my fur less shiny; they say perfect coat set unrealistic benchmark for normal meerkat. -via @Aleksandr_Orlov
  • 18:17:01: Next time ... told off for swearing, tell them elves say it's good for you! appears to relieve pain http://tinyurl.com/qi0079 (via @qikipedia)
  • 18:21:07: On what planet does it take two days to update a live website and in the meantime have it shut down? #amateurs (via @ninthspace) Intrigued!
  • 18:26:15: Silly, Billy, Chilly, Pussy, Misery and Prat are all places in France. Happy Bastille Day! (via @qikipedia)
  • 18:30:37: More French towns: Brest, Condom, Anus, Craponne, Pis, Bitche & 'Y'. Happy Bastille Day! (via @qikipedia)

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