July 13th, 2009


From Twitter 07-12-2009

  • 02:02:37: @qikipedia *which* gaelic language?
  • 02:16:38: There are two types of people in the world: Those that divide everything into two categories, and those that don't. (via @GeneHunt)
  • 02:17:27: oh god ;-; that was well done. godsdammit. (via @tylluan) Indeed, but heartbreaking. 4 or 5?
  • 09:21:33: RT @richjm: Sky news says the government's considering vaccinating the entire country against swine flu. Did they not see Torchwood?
  • 09:22:13: Quitting time. (I actually like that as a plan too.. like "I'm quitting time. It hasn't worked out for me.") (via @YarnHarlot)
  • 09:46:13: What happens to a cat, some catnip and a keyboard: http://bit.ly/108Zuz ROFLMAO!
  • 09:50:36: That cat video was found via this intereting article about brain waves and music: http://bit.ly/1aPDgs
  • 10:39:10: Reading Nine/Rose/Jack fic. I already miss Nine and Rose. It feels like CE's eyes can see into my soul. Fic is helping me come to terms...
  • 19:24:40: An amazing 20 part TW/Jack/Nine/Rose/WW1 fic that I have only just discovered: http://bit.ly/19Bmk9 Fan-fic may be what saves me from canon.
  • 19:46:23: @Hedgewytch *hugs*
  • 19:47:28: @Hedgewytch Feelings are overrated. I wish the MonSter would let me hide mine, though. *hugs*
  • 19:47:51: I wish I had a better memory (via @Hedgewytch) This. Yes. Me too. *hugs*
  • 19:49:02: Feel better fresh air working ;) (via @Hedgewytch) Fresh Air FTW. I try to at least have an open window nearby, even if I cannot get outside
  • 19:50:31: @sbisson If only Seesmic/Twhirl would re-engineer so as not to use the bloaty AIR, I might try them out again!
  • 19:51:45: @Hedgewytch Intrigued by your accent in your AudioBoo.
  • 19:52:29: Walking is good for the soul I should do it more. Remind me ? (via @Hedgewytch) This. I love to walk. All I need now is a working foot!
  • 19:55:20: @Documentally Will they take an offer? Nice Bongo though!
  • 19:56:05: @Hedgewytch They used to brew here, in Horsham. King & Barnes. Long gone and I miss brew days for the smell.
  • 19:57:56: Work in progress (horse) http://twitpic.com/a41mm (via @ndixon) I love your work with hair/fur Neil!
  • 19:58:51: @iolanthe I didn't know that about mains, either!
  • 20:00:15: @Hedgewytch Yeah, but *which* English accent? ;-p
  • 20:01:04: No-one will get my Google Voice invitation if they call it an "invite". #grammar #pedant (via @davorg) Hear, hear!
  • 21:08:55: I've made love almost everyday this week. Almost on Monday, almost on Tuesday, almost on Wednesday...you get the idea. (via @GeneHunt) ROFL!
  • 21:19:05: @Hedgewytch I wish I could afford a bag that was £185!
  • 21:44:31: @emmaandpete Sorry if I missed you tonight - more notice required! ;-p
  • 21:46:30: #seenontwitter "I have a dog head on my knee." I hope that the rest of the dog was still attached to the head!
  • 21:47:17: My mother gave me back a very pudgy kitty. Somebody gets spoiled at grandma's house. (via @matociquala) That's what grandmas are for!
  • 21:52:07: @Hedgewytch You went to Collyers! So did I! School in BBH? I went to Tanbridge while still 2 sites in Worthing Road not 1 on Guildford Road.
  • 21:54:55: These knitting bags look awfully cute (practical, too). By Amy Butler http://ow.ly/h4va (via @knittingnews) They'd be nicer IMO if plainer.
  • 21:58:42: Y'all have to rewatch Torchwood CoE: the little tiny details of foreshadowing are AMAZING. (via @racheline_m) Our DVDR failed for 4 though!
  • 22:38:14: @Hedgewytch Ah hah! Farlington! I left Collyer's to go to York Uni in '85. *feels old*
  • 22:40:06: @Hedgewytch We should have a nostalgia meetup in Horsham sometime!
  • 23:47:11: Going offline to play WoW online. Makes sense to me. More like radio silence, I guess.

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