July 11th, 2009


From Twitter 07-10-2009

  • 00:29:56: @mcglk *hugs* I guess you've been spoilered? *hugs*
  • 00:37:04: Getting so that the bandage feels claustrophobic and unneccessary but it still hurts to walk much without it. Can't win.
  • 00:40:26: Eating was a bad idea. I was hungry, though. Colpermin and bed now.
  • 00:43:14: @racheline_m *hugs* you and all TW fans. Hopefully it will look better in the morning...
  • 00:48:11: Happy Birthday @NeilCFord / hubby! I may be asleep before you get home though...
  • 00:56:36: Don't ever want to see Torchwood again ;( *Sobs* (via @Hedgewytch) same initial reaction as mine. I still miss T and O. They may remedy twrw
  • 07:54:37: Female sexual dysfunction in MS is estimated to be as high as 80 per cent http://bit.ly/17snDT (via @kathAVFM)
  • 07:55:42: Someone wrote 'Think' above the washrooom sink. So above the soap dispenser I wrote 'Thoap'. (via @GeneHunt) Cheers me up does this guy! ;-p
  • 07:57:49: @stephenfry David Miliband announces Commemorative Badges for Bletchley Park veterans! http://bit.ly/1akYgs #BPark (via @bletchleypark)
  • 08:03:39: Steampunk Tales and my story The Anachronist's Cookbook ... all platforms! (not just iPhone) http://steampunktales.com (via @NorwichGrrl) YAY!
  • 08:20:37: The Nap Taker: ... http://tinyurl.com/kncakc (via @LisaEmrich) Great poem! TY 4 link! *hugs* re. steroids. Hyper at start and comatose at end.
  • 08:22:00: Now, is the rumbling tummy a sign of hunger or of the IBS? Dare I risk food?
  • 08:24:52: This is breaking my heart. #torchwood (via @racheline_m) Mine too, but I am now wondering what happens tonight. If I can bear to watch!
  • 08:27:40: Clever, funny, and true. RT @crochetgal:dealing with the heat. http://bit.ly/LEOVo (via @knittingnews)
  • 08:31:38: @YarnHarlot I was wondering what SS09 was so I googled and it came back with so many alternatives that I am none the wiser! Fashion Week?
  • 08:34:42: @Hedgewytch Russell T Davies wrote it, according to the credits/titles. It has been amazing thus far and a part of me trusts him to fix it.
  • 08:42:36: Appeared in sketch for a couple of young amusement mongers. It's on www.youtube.com/smalesandpayne (via @stephenfry) AWESOME!

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