July 8th, 2009


From Twitter 07-07-2009

  • 01:49:52: @regularjen Your twitpen was so anonymous that you put your twitter name on it! ;-p
  • 01:50:58: Geeks, please RT something with #Torchwood so poor @Galadriel1010 isn't trying to make the topic trend all by her lonesome. via @racheline_m
  • 02:37:14: Hey! If I connected to our VPN in Reading, would that give me BBC iPlayer? (via @tallin32) Worth a try! Did it?
  • 03:22:19: named my new server Genny... wonder where I got that from? :) (via @NeilCFord) *draws a blank and probably misses something obvious*
  • 10:55:05: Giving the painkillers time to start working before attempting to go downstairs for more water. Headache, left hand, right knee & left foot.
  • 11:03:09: @VeryShortStory That one bout Vern dancing after finishing his memoir and wondering if he should include it! Blogging/LiveJournal/Twitter! &#263A;
  • 11:03:50: @kplawver Tenacious D is indeed awesome.
  • 11:04:44: http://twitpic.com/9jl4t - I love my job. I still find it strange I get paid to spend everyday taking photos like this. (via @sarahkane) ++!
  • 11:07:24: RT @telesilla Iran Goes on Strike, opposition leaders in Iran R planning a 3-day strike http://is.gd/1phxk #iranelection (via @racheline_m)
  • 11:08:40: @Hedgewytch Family and Work. Two of the largest sources of stress, hassle, angst and grief. *hugs*
  • 11:20:19: Dean's Office 800.541.6682, ext. 3048/Nova U has invited Iranian envoy to talk abt PEACE 07/10/09 PLSE DEMONSTRATE RT (via @TheIranian2009)
  • 11:22:13: How bout that #Torchwood huh? (via @Mischief_wa) Loads of "Woooooo!" and "Woah!" with a side of "Awwww!" Can't wait for tonight's episode! &#263A;
  • 11:48:32: @NorwichGrrl Second Sock Syndrome!
  • 13:16:37: is in love... the disney and dali cartoon, destino - http://bit.ly/4lTA2h (via @alumiere)
  • 13:19:02: Weather-head earlier. Rain between then and now. Now thunder at a distance. Yay barometer head but, please, can it stop now? Want normal! :/
  • 13:30:57: yeah - giving up and going back to bed
  • 13:31:54: can't see straight
  • 16:49:49: I wouldn't mind a new Macbook Pro, honestly. (via @mcglk) Nor would I. Why moonfruit, though?
  • 16:51:29: Artificial sweeteners can make you sick and fat - BlackListed News http://u.mavrev.com/iaui (via @kathAVFM) Old news but true news. I avoid.
  • 16:53:50: Especially true for diabetics. Artificial sweeteners con the pancreas into thinking you have had sugar so it produces unneeded insulin.
  • 16:55:01: if a Twit stream offends thee, pluck it out: it is better to enter the Twitterve... Read More: http://is.gd/1q44E
  • 16:58:19: @laserone Would love to know what UNICODEs you used to type this! http://post.ly/17Pj
  • 17:05:08: Same time next week? http://bit.ly/15w30B Check out the second photo in this blog post! SFW.
  • 17:06:55: @JaneFoth re. dog treats in pockets - train your coworkers?
  • 17:09:50: Thanks for the guilt trip! (none of you reading this)
  • 17:13:25: @Hedgewytch Some people are oblivious to anything but them selves. I grew out of it / learned not to be. Some people don't. Apt to last twt.
  • 17:14:38: @Hedgewytch Try to avoid backlash and fallout while mending bridges for other people. *hugs*
  • 17:15:17: Golf balls all down the leafy part of our street. Most peculiar. (via @sbisson) Photos?
  • 17:16:20: @mollydotcom *hugs* and *luck* for the airport and flight. Hope to see you when we are both more healthy, next time you are over, maybe. {m}
  • 17:17:03: Apparently, you can tell a lot about someone's personality from what they're like. (via @GeneHunt) Oh yes.
  • 17:19:26: There is a person that I wish would get some help/counselling/therapy so they can learn what they come over like and do to others. *despair*
  • 17:20:25: Mystery solved! http://twitpic.com/9ktx6 (via @sbisson) Ah hah!
  • 17:21:41: HEAVY rain to follow thunder, rain and thunder. No wonder my head has been trying to explode all day today.
  • 17:23:29: ...and now more Thunder. *dies of pain*
  • 17:25:19: ...but, of course, my pain/problems are not as bad or important as theirs (who shall remain nameless). Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. *hits things in WoW*
  • 17:43:08: *prays to the gods codeine and paracetamol of the pantheon co-codamol as well as their colleague ibuprofen*
  • 17:43:50: *sacrifices many mobs to them in WoW in the hope that they will remove my pain* ;-p
  • 22:13:00: was hoping to watch the episode of The Mentalist on that I missed demand five but it is all jerky and kumpy. :(
  • 23:53:57: Here goes... #moonfruit I CAN HAZ NEW MACBOOK PLZ KTHX (via @regularjen) Me too!

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These photos are amazing!

Not mine. Some are bugs (so be warned!) and some are flowers. All are amazing photographs that can be viewed as 3D when you cross your eyes slightly:

3-D Crosseye stereogram macros - a set on Flickr

3-D Cross-eye stereogram .
Just stare at the pics and defocus/cross your eyes and as soon as a pic appears in the middle try relaxing your eyes- a 3-D hibiscus should appear. If it doesn't try with one of the other sizes. Works best for me in the large size.
Forgot to add that each single pic is focus stacked from 2 pics (just to be clever) :)

(description for this photo)

3-D Cross-eye stereogram
Stereo pair orchid pic- each pic focus stacked from 4 shots for increased DOF. but it seems to be easy to visualise.stare at the pic, slightly de-focus and cross your eyes until a third image appears in the middle and then try to relax your eyes to see a stable 3-D image

(description for this photo - another of my faves)

I first learned to view crossed-eye stereograms at university for viewing 3d models of chemical and biochemical structures (e.g. proteins) as well as other biological specimens. It is a very useful skill and, for me, pretty easy. I have always found crossing my eyes easy and that is the method that I use to do Magic Eye puzzles as well. I am told that this practice has not made my eyes condition what it is today, especially because the double vision axis is horizontal right now and changes when it feels like it. The axis for these and all similar stereograms and magic-eyes is vertical. That said, I can only view a few of them at a time before needing to gaze off into the distance for a while to rest my eyes (I am long sighted).