July 1st, 2009


This month's Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to you all!

01: drpete - Pete
01: orddu - Orddu
10: neilf - Neil Ford - hubby!
15: kaylee - KayLee
27: fjm - fjm
30: grimacounsellor - Grima Wormtongue, the creepy counsellor
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The saga of my eventful day yesterday, Part 1

This is the longer version of my short, earlier post.

The day started well. Hubby and I were going to travel up to London to visit an online friend (Molly)/mollydotcom). He had met Molly before but I hadn't and was looking forward to it. I had also hoped to get to iKnit (shop near Waterloo station).

I was fine waking up (7 am), getting up, showering, dressing, packing my bag and eating a quick breakfast. We caught the bus just after 09:30 to go to Horsham Station. Hubby bought us tickets (one day Travelcards so that we could use the buses and tube in London as well as them covering the journey to and from London). We went through the ticket barrier and walked up the stairs and over the bridge to the platform where our train would be.

Walking down that stairs to the platform I happened to mention that my often-painful knees seemed to be okay that day. Then again, I had already taken painkillers for a headache (at 8 am) and so that might have helped. Nevertheless, I will try to watch what I say in the future!

As we neared the bottom of the stairs and were about to reach the platform, everything about the day changed. I now know what happened (years of sports injuries and more recent falls have left we with an ability to be able to see what happened pretty clearly afterwards). I went to step from the bottom step to the platform, only to discover that it was not the bottom step and that there was another step between it and the platform.

My left heel landed on the true bottom step and, as I fell, my left foot turned out and under. I landed on my right side and knee with my left big toe bent under and my left foot twisted under. My right ankle and the top of my right foot has some grazing on it but no blood was drawn.

Hubby and a station employee dashed to my aid. The latter offered to lift me but to do so would have hurt him more than me and so I used the stairs to scoot up on my bum and then stand. I new I had done some damage, probably ligaments, but the pain was not too bad and so, after (another? the same?) station employee had filled in an accident report, hubby and I got on the train to go to London. I was feeling fine, able to walk with the stick I always carry anyway (thank $deity!) and in no real pain.

Yeah, I now know that that was because the painkillers were still in effect and the adrenaline of the fall was dulling the pain as well.

During the journey the pain was steadily increasing as the adrenaline and painkillers wore off. We changed our journey plans and changed trains at Three Bridges so that we would get to London at Victoria station instead of London Bridge station.

Walking a little on the platform at Three Bridges confirmed to me that I had done something but I had forgotten that soft tissue injuries hurt more than broken bones. I had heard a click when I fell and was concerned that I may have broken something after all.

We popped upstairs to Boots and bought a crepe bandage (and a few other items). I bandaged the foot up (thanks to my Girl Guide First Aid Badge training all those years ago and my years coaching trampolining - and getting injured myself trampolining!) but it was increasingly clear that I was in a lot of pain. If I had been one of my trampolining pupils, I would have made sure that they had an x-ray! I would wish, later, that I had taken more painkillers at this point but I did not.

We called Molly and, coincidentally, she had woken up not feeling too great herself. We decided (I got to speak to her on the phone at least!) that hubby and I would go back to Horsham and get me to an A&E for an x-ray. Molly would take the 'grunt candy' she had been able to buy OTC in the UK (400 mg ibuprofen gel capsules) and go back to bed herself.

So. We grabbed some snack food (it was about 11:45 by now and waited for the train. Once the platform was listed and we went through the barriers, we were getting drinks at the coffee stand (mine was a blended ice and strawberries affair - and YUMMY!) when there was a loud thump and a young child began to cry. His mother / female-care-giver had collapsed on the floor and he had gained a bloody lip in the event. He was terrified because mum would not wake up but he had already been swept up by station staff and was being comforted and tended to.

I asked the coffee stand guy for a drink of water for the child and he gave hubby a cup (with coffee lid) of iced water which hubby took over to the station employee with the child. Other station employes were standing nearby and, being well trained, not touching the woman on the floor as they waited for trained staff and/or paramedics. As we left the area to get onto the train, a trained employee had arrived and was assessing the woman's condition (without moving her, of course).

As we settled into our seats on the train, I mentioned to hubby that, while I was sorry that that had happened to the woman and the child, I was glad that it was not only me that had been affected by the awful heat-wave so as to make them fall. (I did not take any more painkillers because we planned to go to A&E).

We decided that the best plan of attack would be to get a taxi home, get the car and then drive to Redhill A&E. I knew there had been an A&E in Horsham in the past but we believed that it was now closed and that we were supposed to go to Redhill. We did discover, later, from the specialist I finally saw at Redhill that there is an office-hours Small Injuries A&E unit in Horsham. Worth knowing for next time the MonSter decides to throw me at the ground, I guess!

When we got back to Horsham station, one of the staff that had been there earlier and had seen my fall let us onto the lift that accesses another bridge over the platforms. Unfortunately it comes down behind the main entrance and so we had to walk around to the taxi rank. There was no way I would have been able to cope with the bus to get home!

This is taking forever to write. Maybe I will write more tomorrow.
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