June 29th, 2009


Speed Painting - horse portrait in pastel (Billy)

Not mine. Amazing work!:

A time lapse film of my painting of Billy, a stunning chestnut horse. I made it using pastel pencils (all brands) on sanded paper (Fisher 400). This was a commission for Billy's owners, and the painting is about 14x10". I hope you enjoy watching. To answer the FAQs that I usually get: I don't use water or any fluids. The background is in soft pastel sticks, the 'brush' looking thing I use on it at the start is a silicon 'colour shaper' tool: it blends the colours. The horse is done entirely with pastel pencils. The stick you can see some of the time is a Mahl stick, as used by signwriters. It's just to lean my hand on without smudging the work. I do sell my work and take portrait commissions in the UK (it's my living, so please don't ask for freebies!), more about that on my website for anyone interested. I don't do any teaching or tuition, I just make these videos from time to time because people seem to enjoy watching the process. Hope you do too... happy viewing!

WARNING LOUD MUSIC YouTube - Speed Painting - horse portrait in pastel (Billy) WARNING LOUD MUSIC

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