June 22nd, 2009


I have been pondering a tattoo

I have been pondering getting a tattoo but have not been able to chose what or where. Then I read this:
He says, "Cultural appropriation. Chinese character. For--" He clears his throat. He's still hoarse when he says, "'Sufficient.'"

Quote from this Teaser / Deleted Scene of Shadow Unit

I like this idea. It is something I am trying to learn and remember. I am sufficient/enough. I have spent much of my life wanting, needing and striving (for whatever reason) to be the first and best at everything I do or want to do and I don't need to do that. I am me. I am sufficient.

I would like to incorporate something to do with the moon, preferably full - and maybe something fierce and feline (I may have to ask mischief_wa if I can use this userpic as a tat!). This may end up being more than one small tat. I still have no idea where to get the tat(s) done, but I want to be able to see it often and so I am considering my forearms or the tops of my feet.

Other thoughts that I have had are of words/characters for Balance, Stability, Health/Healing, Strength, Calm, Island, a camera, knitting - so many vague ideas but nothing solid as yet.

I am open to suggestions, comments and opinions but I reserve the right to not follow your suggestions. If, however, someone would like to design me a tattoo or tattoos, preferably no larger than a couple of inches diameter, then I would be infinitely grateful!