June 10th, 2009


Today, so far

It is raining and so I have woken (at 09:30 after about 7 hours sleep - not bad for me) with a weather-head. Muzzy, headache, eye pain, more wobbly than usual - same old. When I woke up I did not realise that it was raining and so did not know why the world hurt so much but now I do.

I have an appointment at 5 pm at the gym with regards to my activity prescription. I was hoping that they would allow it to cover swimming and so on as well, but it seems that I will need to buy a saver pass to the pool. For some reason the local council's leisure pass is only available to those on certain benefits (not the ones I am on) despite alleging to be for people on a low income (which I am). Not low enough, I guess.

I have taken this morning's meds and some painkillers - I am just waiting for the latter to kick in. Then again, it was only 15 minutes ago and so I need to give it a bit longer.

After two busy days, I am hoping to spend most of today not doing much in an attempt to replenish some spoons. I may even manage to do some "homework" from counseling or make some phone calls! No, I am not holding my breath, what with the damn weather-muzziness, but it does not hurt to aim high (except when the disappointment of 'failure' stabs back, I guess).

So, thus far (an hour so far), pain, exhaustion and blah.
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