May 30th, 2009


A eureka moment!

I have just read a great post about writing by Catherynne M. Valente:
Rules for Anchorites - Poetry Is the Blood-Jet

My reply:
Thank you for writing this.

It explains/describes to me where I am with my writing (poetry and prose) and why I have not written much for so many years. I am no longer an angsty teenager with loads of baggage pulling me apart at the seams. I am now a better balanced 40+ with loads of baggage that is, these days, teaching me many life lessons every day.

I used to write by stream-of-conciousness and to never/rarely edit. Maybe the way I now am and my learned day to day self-editing means that I need to learn/practice writing in a more considered manner. With editing! ;-p

Thank you again.

No offense intended

…to those of you with religious beliefs and differing philosophical beliefs. This is my belief and opinion, written and clarified for me (without them knowing that that was what they were doing!) by siliconshaman:

The Tao of the Silicon.Shaman - amataur philosphising..

My reply:

Thank you for writing/posting this. It is something that I have been wrestling with myself recently having been brought up Xtian as a child, becoming a born again Baptist at about age 15, losing my faith to science, logic and common sense at about 18 and now, at 41 with a chronic illness and a growing sense of my mortality but with no kids, I have been conflicted about my wish to 'leave something behind' and the futility of doing so. Unless I can write a classic novel, release a best-selling album or become very famous in some other way (all very unlikely), I will not be remembered for more than a few years by anyone. This was hurting. A lot. I had been coming to similar conclusions as you have but reading this has just crystalised it for me.
Thank you.