May 6th, 2009


Importing/backing-up my LiveJournal to my DreamWidth

This may take a while and things from LJ may not work in DW (my LJ is permanent and my DW is a free account), for example the polls. Also, I am not importing any userpics. No room within my 6 DW icons for my 196 LJ icons!

P.S. I am NOT moving to DW and am NOT deserting my LJ. My LJ is permanent as long as LJ itself is! This is merely for backup purposes.

(cross-posted to both DW and LJ)

Shakesville: Domestic Work is Real Work

My partner and I divide domestic chores. We also verbally acknowledge that household work is real work by giving due appreciation: “what a nice clean kitchen”, he’ll say. Or I will say, “Hey—the kitchen looks great!” But I don’t say, “Thank you for cleaning the kitchen”, because it’s just too close to what I still feel—“Thank you for cleaning the kitchen for me”.

Shakesville: Domestic Work is Real Work