April 22nd, 2009


Crossposted from DW: Hello DreamWidth

I am probably not going to be posting here much because I have my permanent account over at LiveJournal, but I may crosspost some stuff and I will be reading my Reading Page now and then. At least I have nabbed the "natalief" username for consistency!

*wonders how to code a username link on DW*

Interestingly, even though DreamWidth is a fork form the LiveJournal code and is diverging already, natalief is still coded by using <lj user="natalief"> and not <dw user="natalief"> or somesuch.

Thus far my impressions of DreamWdth (compared to LJ of course, as that is the site I am used to using):
  • "Reading Page" and not some weird and angst-causing "Friends" analogy.

  • Ability to subscribe to a user and/or allow them reading access to your journal without having to do both.

  • The ability to crosspost to other LJ clones/forks.

  • Links on posts / pages to load them mystyle and format=light without having to use bookmarks (like I have to on LiveJournal).

  • No nice dark text on pale background monochrome site style yet. Lots of pink or purple and nasty hard to read (for me) white text on black background..

  • No client apps like xjournal as yet. Once xjournal allows crossposting (and the backup of more than one journal) I will be happy!

  • I had hoped that one of the LJ clones/forks would have the ability to make one or more posts "sticky", i.e. always appear at the top of your journal (without playing with fake posting times).

  • Many of the site links (e.g. the "Zesty. Powered by Dreamwidth Studios" style link at the bottom of an entry page like this one) lead to LiveJournal and then I get confused about which site I am on because I have the same icon there (and everywhere for consistency and recognisability). Looks like I need a different icon here.

I love how this is being so actively developed. I almost wish my permanent account was on here rather than (or as well as) on LiveJournal! Not that I can afford $200 to buy one here…

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