April 15th, 2009

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Reading LJ

After the power cut earlier, I am reading my LJ Reading List. I only ever go back to "+300" and am probably only skimming some of the tl;dr (too long; didn't read) posts, I am afraid. I am also not commenting much. I think that it might be time for me to trim my 'Default view' LJFriendsList (the one that is loaded when I look at my LJFriends page / Reading List). I think that some of the users that get removed from that group / filter will be the writers - I am doing too much reading and not enough writing - then again I need stuff to read while I knit for the deadline coming up later this month. Dilemma anyone? Side of indecision?

A few takes on the whole GLBTQ Amazon fiasco

sbisson's take on the saga:
Technology, Books and Other Neat Stuff - Why hasn't Amazon fixed things overnight?

I think he may be right. As an ex-developer / ex-programmer myself, I can see that his scenario is totally possible - even probable. That said, Amazon should just fess-up and explain this because the silence is deafening and inciting riot!

sbisson is a RL friend, tech journalist and the dad to my-other-cat-family that I sometimes cat-sit in London.

rm's more recent take on it all:
big life; small space - AmazonFail: The Morning After

All good points as well.

Some more links:
Idosyncratic Code? #amazonfail | Lilith Saintcrow

Richard Eoin Nash - The Blog: Amazonfail: A straight white male publisher on glitches and ham-fisted errors

Then there is the LOLCAT take on amazonfail…!!! ;-p
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