April 13th, 2009


Writer's Block: How Soon Is Now?

What scientific or medical breakthrough do you most want to happen in your lifetime?

Well, DUH! I would like to see a cure for multiple sclerosis with also the ability to repair myelin and reverse MS disability/symptoms. Failing that I would like to see a treatment that puts the MS on hold completely (more than the DMDs do already) so that PwMS could live more normal lives.

Writer's Block: Seven Days

Which day of the week do you least look forward to? And which one do you most anticipate?

Now the day I least look forward to is Thursday. It used to be the only day that I really looked forward to because I have counseling on Thursdays and tend to walk into town afterwards and sit in a coffee shop for a while. Now my counselor has announces that she is leaving in September and so that is all we talk about, now, not the stuff I need/want to talk about (and am paying to talk about!).

Now I most look forward to the weekend because I try to go with my mum to walk her friend's dog Charlie at least one of the two days. She walks him pretty early (for me), however and so, if I can manage one day I am pleased. We go to the woods near where I live or to the town's park on wetter days. It is good to walk for a couple of miles (in the case of the woods - the park lap is 1.25 miles) in the fresh air and chat about anything and everything. I also know that mum appreciates it having lost her husband recently.