April 5th, 2009



Well, I already 'failed' at NaPoWriMo. On only the fourth day. Oh well. I wonder if this counts as "Participate in NaPoWriMo during April 2009." for 101 in 1001. Heh. I guess that I did participate for three days so far) during April 2009 - I did not say that I had to write a poem every day in April for that challenge, even if that was implied by the use of the NaPoWriMo label…

Question is whether I will try to keep doing it for the rest of the month or just give up, like I always do with things like this. I will have to see.
thrift, flower


CIMG0868, originally uploaded by natalief.

Taken while dogsitting for my brother at my mum's.

I think this is a compound/double daffodil or something similar. I have sent a email to Mum to check.

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