February 26th, 2009


My Twitter has been suspended! :(

I have an email in to them right now asking why and what I did that was different to every day this year so far... :(((((

Yeah, so, some of you will be relieved that I am not going to be able to microblog there and ship the tweets to LJ. I, however, am devastated!

Why was natalief suspended?
I have not been doing anything that I don't do every day. My Twitter
account/access is very important to me because I have multiple
sclerosis and am often housebound. At least tell me what I did wrong
so that I can change that rather than just suspending me out of the
blue like this?!

ETA: I have been un-suspended but have not been told why I was suspended. So weird.
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Smudge woke me at 5 am after I went to bed just after midnight and did not manage to sleep right away. I guess that 4.5 hours sleep is better than none...