February 8th, 2009


[loudtwitter] Microblogging

Sometimes this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it as is your choice and prerogative but then you may not find out about what I did yesterday and/or how I was feeling (health, mood, etc.) as well as any links I have made a note of for my own and your interest and the odd haiku that I post there …
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Woah! Science!

BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Photosynthesis viewed in a flash

Dr Mercer's method can look at those electron couplings directly with just one "ultrafast" laser pulse lasting 100 femtoseconds - or ten thousand million times shorter than an average camera flash.

"We're looking at the shape of something before the laser was even there - it's a whole new world of what you can look at."
calm, calm-carry-on, carry-on, keep-calm

I learned something tonight

Stuff happened and, instead of venting on my LJ either in public or friends-only, I wrote it all out elsewhere.
a) Writing it down while it was all fresh in my mind means that I will be able to look up what was said and what happened if I ever need to.
b) Writing it down got it out of my head and I was almost instantly calm again and happier. This is one real benefit of the MonSter and its caused memory flaws - I can move on from stuff so quickly, sometimes, these days as long as I have the intarwebz to distract me.

Yes, this way I will not have the benefit of my LJFriends' experience but I have none the less been able to put it behind me and also able to look at it from outside and see where I went wrong. The initial issues that started the episode have not been addressed or resolved but I am at least resigned to them and will hopefully be able to learn to live with them.
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