November 10th, 2008


On days like today

It is on days like today that I really wish we lived elsewhere - somewhere with less frequent weather changes, less rain and some warmth without high humidity - preferably with nature and water (sea or lake). It has been raining on and of (but very heavily when it does) for a couple of days now and the weather-headache/migraine (it fluctuates between the two depending on the current weather, whether I have been asleep recently and how medicated I am) has been around for as long.

This (pain, nausea, visual disturbance, balance disturbance) makes me grumpy as well which then causes misunderstandings. Yes, I could go back to bed but I have not been awake long and am, to be honest, not sleepy enough to sleep. I am, therefore, knitting, drinking water, spodding on the mac and taking medication when I can. Eventually, hopefully, this will make me sleepy and I can go hide under the duvet again.