October 20th, 2008

pixelasleep, sleep

This weekend I …

  • Clipped Pixel's claws so that he won't lacerate us when we have to try to put him in his cat carrier to take him back to the vet in two weeks.

  • Washed my sheets. This is a big deal. I keep forgetting.

  • Failed to do any more washing loads than the two that this took.

  • Managed to put the sheets and duvet cover back on the bed.

  • Burned up. A lot. I have some kind of cold or something. Still.

  • Failed to take all of my meds at the right times.

  • Ditto my jabs.

  • Ditto sleeping. My sleep lack-of-pattern had even less of a resemblance to a pattern than usual.

  • Fell of the 'eating more healthily' and 'keeping a food, mood and exercise diary' wagons.

  • Failed to exercise - unsurprising when I am this under-the-weather, really.

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