October 9th, 2008


For reference and interest

One of my LJFriends made a post about the 14 points of fascism and the Bush administration which I found interesting.Our own government (the UK) can tick a few of these as well which I was not expecting because they are the Labour party and so supposedly on the opposite side to fascism - Labour were originally pretty Socialist!
She also pointed me to this page/link for more information/links.
I have learned a lot about politics during this USian election season...

Story of an ex-Scientologist

I have just, in two sittings last night and tonight, read the whole online 17 chapter book "Counterfeit Dreams" by Jeff Hawkins about his life within the Scientology cult and how he finally managed to leave.

If you want to read it (and I do recommend it as a "can't stop reading" tale) start here and continue through the chapters where it says "Read the chapters in order:" in the right-hand column.

It was even more interesting to me because I have been to a number of Nikon Owners Group events hosted at Saint Hill Manor near where we live in Sussex, UK. A couple of the members of that club are members of the Church of Scientology. They are lovely people and, luckily, do not 'bible-bash' the church to other togs (photographers). The manor house and grounds are stunning and I have been on the tour of LRH's dark-room and other 'stuff' in the house run by members of the 'church'.

Personally, I do not agree with the 'church' / cult / Scientology and its teachings/brainwashing. I found this passage from Jeff's last non-appendix chapter (writen once he was 'out' and free) to be very revealing / interesting:

With my evenings and weekends free, I had more time to think about what had happened to me. On a whim, I had picked up 1984 by George Orwell and started to read it. I was struck by the parallels between the thought control systems described in the book and my experiences at the Int Base. In the book Orwell describes "doublethink" – the art of believing two contradictory ideas at the same time. I realized that Scientology was full of those. One was told to "think for yourself," for instance, yet in fact everyone knew that no disagreement with Hubbard was allowed. Scientology teaches that the secret to good communication is high affinity (liking) and high reality (agreement). Yet staff are taught to scream at each other and even physically abuse others. Scientology champions "human rights" yet runs an abusive RPF prison system. I had always known these things, but I had justified them, explained them to myself – in other words, I had become adept at doublethink. With that realization, the sense of hypocrisy, the gap between what is preached and what is actually practiced by Scientology, began to grow in my mind.

Thanks to shevek for linking to page/site/book. Sometimes it is good to realise that we are better off than at least one other person in this world when we are feeling ill/down ourselves!

ETA Jeff is in at least one video on YouTube.

Oh for a more normal sleep pattern!

Oh to be able to sleep at night and be awake during the day.
Oh to have an alert and fully functioning mind during daylight hours rather than during the peace, quiet and calm of darkness.
Oh to be able to do those things that need to be done when everyone else is awake, without having to go without sleep to do so.

My mind is fully aware, creative and able in the wee small hours. The light is not too bright and the world is not as distractingly noisy as during the day. I become totally focussed on whatever it is that I am doing - in the zone, if you will - while trying to do the same task in the daytime would find me frustrated, stymied and unproductive. My muses are nocturnal and so, it seems, must I be.

Now, as the rain continues and the birds begin their songs, the cats wake up and decide that it must be breakfast time, I finally start to feel sleepy, yawn my first yawn of the night and consider turning in for the day...

You may all have worked out by now that many of my public entries are going to be 'comments disabled'. That is the plan, for now at least, so that I can have my say, have non LJ-ers able to read what I write and not have to deal with nasty anonymous comments. Why don't I just disable anonymous commenting? So that those same non LJ-ers can comment if they wish on posts that do not have commenting disabled. Yeah, I know, "Make your mind up!" I am still trying to work out which would be best - to have to remember to disable commenting on some posts or to disable anonymous commenting on this LJ completely.