October 5th, 2008


Petrol prices

I am used to seeing my USian LJFriends bemoaning $4 / gallon petrol prices and had not bought petrol myself for a while but was surprised to find that petrol is MUCH more expensive over this side of the pond! We are spending up to £1.40 per LITRE! Now, using very rough approximations, there are about $2 per £1 and four litres to a gallon. I know, very rough. Please do let me know if these rough conversions are wildly off. Anyway, using these rough conversions, we are paying £1.40 x 4 x 2 = more than $10 per gallon!!!

ETA: TBH our living and traveling needs are not relevant to the price we are charged for petrol. My reason for this post was not to whine that we are charged more but merely to state the fact that, for whatever reason, we are - whether we have further to drive than you guys or less far to drive.

Just my opinion mind.

Brain Fog

Brain fog prevents the retention of newly introduced information to the brain. It literally makes the information foggy and causes it to fade faster than Madonna in London fog. This fading prevents the brain from being able to send the new information into storage.

The hippo of the brain (also know as the hippocampus---does it get a degree there?) is where new memories tend to be stored and it is where Alzheimer’s leaves the most lesions.

Depression may also be attributed to brain fog; you forget too quickly what fun you just had, what happiness you just felt! “I have a loving partner, three wonderful kids, a great job…why am I so sad?”

source: What Does a Hippo Do in the Fog? FMS, MS, Brain Fog from A Stellarlife by Diane J Standiford

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