October 2nd, 2008

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Awesome support and comments!

This is a link to the copy of that post on gimp_vent.

Check out the awesome supportive comments in both places!

I love LiveJournal so much! I love that there are communities like gimp_vent and other MS specific communities where there are people who just GET IT!!!! I love all of my LJFriends as well! You are all awesome otherwise you would not still be my LJFriends!!!!!!

Despite the leg pain from last night and the 'ANOTHER damn migraine', I am smiling, happy that there are a bunch of you out there that love me back.

*hugs* you all.

Okay, I get the hint! :(

I am going back to my usual policy of just bottling up my political thoughts and not posting/sharing them on my LJ. It hurts too much when people I care about start to fight on the comments threads.
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Missed counselling today

ANOTHER migraine and a painful knee from last night's hyperextension. I have just has an email reminding me that she is away for the next two weeks. Ah well - I cannot plan my health so I cannot guarantee to be well enough to go to counselling each week. I make use of it when I can. Sadly, I also cannot plan my emotional needs - I will just have to cope! ;-p
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