September 18th, 2008

stim, knit-stim, knitting

That dripping noise again

I am sitting here in relative silence, spodding and knitting, and I can hear that old dripping tap noise in the back of my neck. I have no idea how I can tell that is where it is coming from. I have no idea what causes but I know that I have had it a lot in the past, on and off, and that my MS neurologist was interested in it when I described it to her one previous visit. She did not know if it was the MS or not and I have forgotten to bring it up again.

I would email her but her assistant has changed (i.e. the old one left and there is a new one) and I used to email her via her assistant - an email address that, of course, no longer exists. I have still not managed to remember t phone during office hours and ask for her new assistant's email address and my neuro did not know it when I saw her last.

So, I sit here listening to internal chinese water torture and think to myself that I really ought to go to bed soon - my alarm is set for 10 am so that I can get to counselling in time by bus - but I am knitting the cuff rib for the first of my latest socks and I want to finish it before going to bed. Just one more row! Please? Ah gwan! OK, two?, Three? An inch?

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!