September 16th, 2008


Starting my toe-up no-purl Monkey socks

First photo(s). Need to take some of the sole - I forgot when I took - I am doing something different than plain stocking stitch this time (stockinette) because this cotton (Patons 100% cotton 4 ply in Lilac) does not stretch/shrink back as much as a wool blend would. Maybe tomorrow once I am home from my hospital appointment!

get-fuzzy-blargh, blargh


Did not sleep at all last night. Knitted and spodded to distract myself.

Procedure and prep went okay. 'Nuff said.

Biopsy results (two small polyps and random gut wall) will take time.

Had Pizza Hut for brunch on the way home and *finally* got around to redirecting our post / snail-mail from the old address (which will bounce) to the new one. See the contact details (friends-only_ linked from my profile for the latter if you need/want it.

Had a couple of hours kip once we got home.

Note To Self (NTS): Do not eat pizza without Zantac (was not allowed to take any this morning before the procedure).

NTS#2: Do not fall asleep once home after eating pizza when you have not taken any Zantac, before taking some Zantac!

Feh - wide awake but asleep nau. I R ZOMBEE...