August 4th, 2008


Watched two films tonight

… neither of which I had seen before and both of which I enjoyed - a lot; Miss Potter and Coyote Ugly.

Should try to get some sleep soon, despite being wide awake as usual at this hour. I have to take Pixel to the vet in the morning to have his not yet dissolved soluble stitches taken out. Hubby has been away all weekend and I have the car so that should not be a problem.

My brother took me out for lunch Saturday and I went to mum's today for lunch, a trip to her amazing allotment and two games of scrabble. I have no idea what time hubby will be home tomorrow or whether we will go out in the evening for my birthday - it is not as if it is a major/important number (other than as in BIG and HIGH number), anyway! ;-p