July 25th, 2008

pixelasleep, sleep

Twitter, bloodtests, Pixel, Smudge and *ugh*

It has been a depressing and exhausting day with one amazing upside - hubby did not faint for once when having fasting bloods drawn. The nurses and I doing mine at the same time and chattering distracted him and I reminded him to breathe which also helped, apparently!

I feel like such a bad cat-mummy. I had hoped that today's tweets would be available via LoudTwitter or TweetDumpr but not yet.

In lieu of those, here are the tweets I am hoping that LoudTwitter will be posting for me at 00:00 (via copy/paste with a few deletions from http://www.twitter.com/natalief/ (in reverse order of course):-

Collapse )

P.S. Not looking forward to getting Pixel to take his tablets in the morning although if he is still this hungry I may be able to crush it into his food...
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