July 23rd, 2008


In lieu of LoudTwitter

"@regularjen said ""OMG! Just saw my first wild hedgehog ever! So cute! (almost home)"" Awwwwwww! ;-p",2008-07-22T23:57:19+00:00
@kplawver Shocker? Sry - don't get it. Made me thing of Apple ][ ...,2008-07-22T21:50:40+00:00
"Still asleep TBH. Woke up near the end of a vivid dream. Will never know what happens now! ;-p Ear spray made ear sting. Now ""merely"" hurts.",2008-07-22T21:47:56+00:00
"Crashed out after vet, collecting hubby from work and Tesco. Pixel is booked in to have the growth removed on Friday. They'll test it after.",2008-07-22T21:46:16+00:00
Feet are really uncomfortable but have to do this for the sake of Pixel's foot.,2008-07-22T15:14:09+00:00
Ugh - very busy day on top of 2 hours sleep plus 2 hours nap. Tonight/tomorrow I sleep!,2008-07-22T14:46:27+00:00
It is def. too hot to leave Pixel in the car today after vet even if he has water and the window is open. Will bring him home + go back out.,2008-07-22T14:45:50+00:00
May need to manually copy/paste my tweets to my LJ somehow. Does @twitter provide the ability to export tweets as text/CSV?,2008-07-22T14:28:57+00:00
@loudtweeter is not running at all IME! :(,2008-07-22T14:27:58+00:00
"@loudtweeter: ""loudtwitter currently runs in a degraded state due to new limits Twitter is imposing to everybody"" http://is.gd/1Rh",2008-07-22T14:27:38+00:00
nap wins,2008-07-22T11:51:48+00:00
Until I go to Tesco I cannot haz ear meds but I am feeling sleepy and so I think I will have to try to go to Tesco with Pixel in car after;/,2008-07-22T11:50:11+00:00
Driven hubby to work and been to Staples in Crawley and Hobbycrafy. Now need to decide; nap and then vet+Tesco or Tesco now vet later?,2008-07-22T11:48:32+00:00
"@twitter said ""Service availability ..."" I guess we at least get what we pay for ... um ...",2008-07-22T00:54:30+00:00
Driving hubby to work tomorrow. Also need to get meds at Tesco and take Pixel to vets hence needing the car. Should sleep soon but awake. ;/,2008-07-22T00:49:29+00:00
Visit to new GP went well. Pharmacy in Tesco was unable to dispense all the meds (and GP forgot to prescribe one+ I need) so ear pain still.,2008-07-22T00:47:52+00:00
Do Writers Read? (a friend asks on livejournal) http://alexmc.livejournal.c...,2008-07-23T13:57:28+00:00

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