July 6th, 2008

yay, yay-cat

None of the microblog entries…

… that I sent by SMS from the wedding yesterday made it to Twitter because there was no mobile/cellphone reception out there and so there was no microblog entry this morning at 00:00. I did make some paper notes as well, though, and did end up really enjoying myself after the ceremony and sitting down to eat. E* had a lovely time and was very happy that I made it. I seem to have taken 557 photos (pre-editing and so some will be deleted straight away) with the D40x and got home EXHAUSTED after dinner and the speeches - I left as the DJ was starting up. I had no energy for dancing and was not drinking. Many of them were staying the night at the hotel (or others nearby) like E* and N*. The happy couple are off to Mauritius today!