May 3rd, 2008


Survey - Disability and Recruitment

It is not my survey. I'm just advertising it in case anyone is interested. From disableduk:

I’m doing a dissertation on disability and recruitment and am looking for individuals with physical or mental impairments in the United Kingdom to take part in an online survey.

The survey will ask individuals about their impairment, what they think the term “disability” means, the Disability Discrimination Act, government financial support, Jobcentre Plus and barriers in searching for employment.

( Click the fake cut to read more and maybe take part … )
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It is strange how

It is strange how, as I get to the stage of almost sleep-deprivation, just before I start to yawn and so have to fall into bed, my mind becomes the most awake - the most creative. I have ideas (rare for me) and could write or draw for hours with all the awakening possibilities in my mind but I only have a few minutes before I am far to tired to do anything. How ironic and ultimately painful in absolute unfairness and unrequited muse.