March 26th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

02:56 woken from a deep sleep and dream by a coughing fit that hurt all the way into both lungs. this cold has got VERY old. #

04:43 Still awake and have resorted to knitting & reading webcomics. Also, now in SO MUCH PAIN!!! This is getting very old extremely quickly... :( #

05:08 L:Billingshurst (testing twittermap ) #

05:10 L:RH149RU #

05:14 Hmmmm - UK postcodes don't seem to work with twittermap. #

06:04 Hmmm - sleepy again. Maybe I will try to catch another couple of hours shuteye... #

13:19 Woke to cat-sick in my slippers. Wish I had not bothered to wake up. #

16:06 Smudge just wailed/cried at me and is barfing again. A lot. #

16:46 @cazm Luckily my 'slippers' are Cayman Crocs and so easy to clean/wash/rinse/dry... ;-p #

16:57 Twittermap thinks that Billingshurst is oop narth! :( L:Billingshurst, Sussex, RH14 9RU #

16:59 And, by oop narth, I mean near Lockerbie / Dumfries in Scotland! #

17:20 Smudge definitely has tummy ache. She cannot get comfortable in any position she tries to lie down. She keeps needing to reposition herself. #

17:43 bflog: rice cereal, peanuts, raisins, dr pepper, hula hoops, bakeds, water, meds #

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