March 23rd, 2008

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F.A.O.: my LJFriends and RLFriends in Seattle

"… My question was how did they plan to evacuate all the disabled and elderly in my neighborhood? (One, if not THE most densely populated areas in the city.) The answer was basically, good-luck and that is YOUR problem. I was given several links to tell me how to prepare. Since I have no way to evacuate, it should have included a link on preparing for a funeral. …"

I have just read this on the blog of a PwMS who lives in Seattle. (Yes, now you mention it, I am further behind with my reading of RSS, Atom and other feeds (in Google Reader) than I am with reading my LJFriends List!)
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I give in

I am finally starting to feel sleepy.
Hoping to be awake in the morning to go out with hubby but, as I tweeted about an hour ago:

"Yeah, I'm still awake. If I do not manage to be awake enough to go out tomorrow, I will stay at home, make soup, pack boxes, knit & crochet!"

Have moved my alarm from 0830 to 0930 which will give me an extra hour asleep but should still give me time to get ready to go out.

Was trying to finish the sock I am knitting (8th sock, 4th pair, re-knitting twice-frogged first pair. Again) so that I could take another project with me tomorrow but, as I said in the title to this entry, I give in. I am now going to bed.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled LiveJournal reading...

For some reason I have an aversion to starting every sentence in a blog post/entry with the word "I" and so I would rather just leave out that part of the sentence or use bullet points. This is probably something I was taught at school or a hang over from being told not to talk about myself all of the time...