March 22nd, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

02:40 Actually contemplating sleep after Sherlock Holmes on the TV and Table Rappers, Persistent Spirit episode 11 ... #

02:43 @kplawver Hippo Birdy Two Ewes (belated, I am afraid) !! #

02:46 @mollydotcom re. Twitter tabs, I had not noticed. I live in Twhirl. #

02:48 @twhirl do i need to replace 0.7.2b with 0.7.3? #

16:13 Eats dry (although soft and moist) toasted from frozen DFWF pitta in an attempt to find food that will not make me ill or hurt more. *hopes* #

16:13 @mollydotcom tweeted: "Honey has discovered a little plush dolphin and is torturing and mauling it kitteh style." MUST KILL TEH FISHY-WHALE! #

16:14 @twhirl will do then! ;-p #

16:18 @ramtops tweeted: "I have cleaned out and tidied the kitchen drawers!" Wow! I need someone to clean out and tidy/pack my whole flat for me!! #

16:21 @twhirl 0.7.3 seems nice and stable thus far. Did not realise it was cross platform (win + OSX) which is extra added cool if ppl need both!! #

16:36 boring food log: raisins and peanuts #

17:44 it just started to hail #

17:44 boring food log: dr. pepper #

17:55 ... and now a weather head, of course! :( meds and sleep prescribed ... #

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