March 18th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

13:15 Yoyo moods and emotional rollercoaster continues. 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. Yeah, cryptic. #

14:52 Walked to Horsham station and got train home. Am home safe. News about flat may or may not be good after all. /cryptic #

14:54 Oh great. The more stressed I get, the more clumsy I get. Just what I need. Heh. ;-p #

15:22 @ndixon tweeted: "I just knew once SF woke up things would get borked" I'd have got away with it too if it hadn't been for those pesky kids! #

15:24 @davorg tweeted: "building planets - and " ooooooo! #

17:24 For someone who hates the phone:- I have just made four phonecalls, one making an appointment and the others getting advice. Not too shabby! #

17:25 "Help -anyone know what to when macbook does nothing except show a "?" J's was just downloading an update when it stopped working!" anyone? #

17:26 @phinnia HAPPY BIRTHDAY! #

17:48 Feeling grotty. Should I 1. feed cats early and then nap/sleep or 2. nap/sleep and feed them later? They will likely just sleep too if #2... #

17:50 @regularjen MacSpeech: I've not been able to afford to try it yet although I would love to... #

17:58 @regularjen YAY PURLING! #

18:00 @regularjen we should get together sometime for our own stitch 'n' bitch and I can teach you other stuff! the boys can talk tech/audio/boy:) #

18:03 Am deciding that sleep is the plan. Pseudoephedrine has worn off and the fever and aches have returned. Sorry kitties but you won't starve. #

18:46 9 #

20:23 @regularjen Ah but you can knit and purl now so teaching you to rib (all of the many kinds) would be one small step! We'll compare diaries. #

20:23 @kplawver Nooooooo! Stop breaking the kids! *hugs* ;-p #

20:26 @regularjen tweeted: "totally should have written down that ... idea instead of counting on remembering it for five minutes..." I hear that! #

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ill, skele_ill


feeling crap. can't see straight. put laundry on. folded shirts badly. zero spoons. muzzy head. no fever now. freezing cold. moan over. how are u all?

I copied that from my twitter and edited it. Now to cap it all I am in a LOT of pain - time to go back to bed, methinks. Opening mail will have to wait.