March 14th, 2008


[loudtwitter] My Twitterings from the last 24 hours

01:04 In a lot of pain. Got a few hours of paying work to do. Need to find us somewhere to live and arrange everything as well. Maybe even sleep.. #

02:43 ... and now Smudge is doing her best and cutest (but most likely to wake hubby) run-around-the-flat-at-0245-squeeking-her-head-off trick ... #

02:46 She has now established that all of the flat's rooms are here, that they all still have walls, etc. and is now settling down to sleep... ;-p #

02:48 I guess I should try to sleep too, seeing how I have not managed to get any paying work done... Good night TwitterVerse and LiveJournalLand! #

12:52 I am vertical, not really awake though. Just wanna sleep for ever. This stinking cold/cough and TMI guts stuff and phonecalls to make and... #

13:00 Must knuckle down and not just sleep forever. So much to do that depends on me to do it. No pressure! Green tea and food can't hurt I guess. #

13:32 Ticked one thing off list. Phoned council. New forms going out today. Now to do the pther 1000 todo items including eating and taking meds.? #

14:35 Called two lettings agents to tell them need asap. Left messages to call me back. Both were with clients. Still feel crap. "Still not dead." #

14:42 Have also eaten something (can't stomach much) and taken meds. "Still not dead." I wish that I could remember where that quote comes from... #

14:53 Tempted to just go back to bed with my bluetooth headset on so that I can get some sleep and still answer the phone if anyone calls me back. #

14:56 Can anyone tell me the range on bluetooth assuming "in the same room but maybe the other side of a lamp, a cat, a box and a duvet"? Trying. #

14:58 Either MonSter (relapse is predictable with stress), side effect of this cold/cough or vestibular migraine. Room is spinning around me. Bed. #

14:59 @neilford Thanks hubs. Phone is charging on desk. Need MOAR SLEEEEP! *hugs* #

15:44 That worked. Trying to nap and letting agent called me back. Like carrying an umbrella prevents rain! ;-p #

23:27 Hoping to sleep soon. Busy day tomorrow (Ravelry meet, mum and viewing a house) and still got a nasty cold. Finished another pair of socks. #

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